EZ eBook Templates V7 with MRR

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EZ eBook Templates V7 with MRR.

Dear Entrepreneur.

This Pakage Contains:

1. eBook Templates

2. Reseller Kit

3. MRR License


Are you still here??

Go do it. Don't worry, I'll wait. . . . . Right here in the background. . . . .

All done?


Now, why did I make you leave this page to go download OpenOffice Writer? ( this question only applies to those reading this page that didn't already have OpenOffice Writer ^_^ )

Because without it, you cannot use the ebook templates inside EZ Ebook Templates Package. Plus, it didn't cost you anything but a few extra minutes. ( see? )

All right, on with the show. . . .

If you're just now discovering EZ Ebook Templates Packages, I'll briefly explain to you what they are, what they do, and how they can help you reduce your work load as an ebook author . .

"What Are EZ Ebook Templates?"

EZ Ebook Templates are just what they sound like. They are ebook templates specially formatted to work inside of OpenOffice Writer to create PDF ebooks with loads of style.

EZ Ebook Templates are hooked up with the latest styles and are easy to work with. Don't misunderstand the use of the word "template".

Other sites would have you believe that in order for something to truly be called a template, then it must be in a template file format.

EZ Ebook Templates are indeed templates, they are just saved in the easiest type of format you can work with inside OpenOffice Writer. As .ODT files.

Don't let our competitors fool you. Every EZ Ebook Template IS, in fact, a TEMPLATE. It's just not "official" to them because we decided to use a simple, "double click to open" file extension for our templates instead of using the harder to load within the OOo Writer program "official template format".

The only drawback is you have to have OpenOffice Writer. But, the upside is that OpenOffice Writer is 100% free to download!

You might be thinking. . . "Are they really that easy to use?"

We think so. And many other people do too.

What could be simpler than opening up one of our EZ Ebook Template .ODT files, adding your own unique ebook content through the magic of "copy and paste", and hitting a "create PDF" button without all the headaches of creating your own snazzy looking formats?

Other than me coming to your house and doing it for you, nothing!

"What Do EZ Ebook Templates Do, Or, How Do They Work Exactly?"

EZ Ebook Templates give you the opportunity to create PDF ebooks that look completely professional. But without all the head pounding hours of work.

Especially with this "please almost everybody 'white paper' layout designs" package.

To use them, all you need to do is open up one of the specially designed .ODT files inside OpenOffice Writer and add your content. You can make changes to the text colors, the fonts, the line spacing, the backgrounds, anything you can think of, or know how to do.

If you can use OpenOffice Writer, then you can use EZ Ebook Templates. Once you discover how truly easy it is, you will never go back to the amature looking PDF ebooks again.

"How Can EZ Ebook Templates Help Me And My Online Business?"

Hiring someone to create a custom ebook template for you can be extremely costly. But doing it yourself can suck up huge chunks of your time. Then you're left figuring out which is more important to you, your time, or your money?

When you pick up a copy of EZ Ebook Templates, you'll never have to pay someone to generate a custom ebook template for you since you'll have plenty of colors to choose from in any EZ Ebook Template Package. You pay once and have the ebook templates to use over and over again anytime you need, or want one without taking up chunks of your precious time.

EZ Ebook Templates will save you precious time and money.

"What's So Special About This EZ Ebook Template Package Then?"

Frankly, I'm glad you asked. But, rather than just tell you, let me show you what makes EZ Ebook Template Packages so special.

Let me give you a quick example of what your ebooks could look like if you used just one of these stunning OpenOffice Writer templates for your next project. . . .

First. . .

Here's what a normal, non formatted PDF ebook made in OpenOffice Writer looks like:

(Hint: That's also what a normal, non spruced up Microsoft Word ebook looks like too! -- Maybe yours looks even worse than that -- If that's the case, then you really need this package!!)

This time around, we're not going to focus on using color to spruce up your ebook layouts. Nope. Instead, this EZ Ebook Template Package makes your content the main focal point of your PDF ebooks and special reports.

And that will make everyone happy!

Ready To Take A Gander At What's Inside?

Then feast your eyes on this :

See the difference?

Now, we've added a little bit of grays, whites, and blacks with a smokin' hot ecover graphic. That's a huge difference from the boring old PDF document first shown. Don't you think?

Pretty Cool, right?

Hold on to your keyboard, 'cuz I got more to show ya. . .

Was that a fully linked Table of Contents??


And, in true 'white paper' style to boot.

You get one of those in every EZ Ebook Template design!

How's about some more?

All righty. . .

"I get the actual chapter pages too?!"


You get those too.

In every EZ Ebook Template design.

Are you impressed yet?


Man, you're tougher than I thought!

Okay, here's even more 'cucumber cool' samples of ebook templates included inside this EZ Ebook Package...All In 'White Paper' Style :

h MRR.

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